Pennine Plus win Family Business of the Year at Bradford Means Business Awards 2021

Huge congratulations to Pennine Plus, winners of the Family Business of the Year award at the Bradford Means Business Awards 2021!

Much like the headline winners in our own Awards, Pennine Plus have grown and evolved their family business since starting out almost 50 years ago as an aerial installation and television repair company. They now sell a variety of electrical products including laundry, refrigeration, dishwashers, cookers and televisions, alongside their original services.

As an independent family business they offer an unashamedly old fashioned approach to customer interaction - hoping to keep customers coming back to time after time. In addition to “looking after the people that need looking after” Pennine Plus is a dementia friendly store. It is that personal touch that Managing Director Geoff Higgins thinks stands his business out from the rest.

Mr Higgins said: "We wasn't expecting this award at all but obviously it is very welcome. When the lads go out to customers, they are our ambassadors. That personal touch we have with the customer has kept us going for 50 years. A lot of big firms don't want to talk to anybody anymore it is all internet related, email and online etc. I know it's a changing world but the more businesses that are like that, it give us a better chance of succeeding because we want to talk to people. Talking to people directly has always worked for us. Community is what it is all about, dealing with people and delivering that personal service."

As for the future, Mr Higgins added: "I am almost 74 so my idea is by next year (when the firm celebrates its 50th anniversary) I will move sideways as I have got my grandson in the business who will carry it on."

We wish Mr Higgins, his family and Pennine Plus team all the best for a very successful future - it's a great way to celebrate 50 years!

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